Your StarSong is a musical interpretation of your unique and beautiful incarnation.

Danick has an extensive background in Astrology, and offers unique original musical compositions inspired by your natal chart and the dominant energy patterns that “sing” through you from the moment of birth.

The Sun, Moon and ascendant, the planets in signs and houses, the elements, axis of the nodes, all in their ever changing dance represent your personality, your soul’s journey, your gift to the world.

Your StarSong will draw you into a sonic immersion of carefully chosen layers of synths, real musical instruments and Danick’s healing vocal harmonies.

Listen to your StarSong and you will feel inspired, energized, clear minded, connected with your purpose and joyfully alive.

Your StarSong is “one of a kind", like you, a unique expression of the vast Universe.

Star Song for Saille.

StarSongs are original audio compositions, which can be ordered in various formats and three different lengths. The creation of a StarSong begins with a private consultation. The cost range is, $60 for 3 minute compilations, $120 for 6 minutes, and $180 for 9 minutes.

If you are ordering a StarSong as a gift, you may choose to include a personalized message within the compilation itself. Artwork (still or moving) can also be created to accompany a StarSong that is ordered in video format.

To order your personal StarSong or the gift of a StarSong,
click here.

Soundscapes inspired by original StarSongs are lengthier compositions and support tools for meditation, visualization, massage or personal inner work. You can choose from 10 minutes up to 80 minutes. Fees for Soundscapes vary per production. For more details and a quote, please contact DanickMusic.

StarSongs and Soundscapes can be ordered as a CD, or in MP3 or WAV for download. Video files can be ordered in DVD or as a .MOV for download.

Please allow at least 3 to 4 weeks for StarSong production and delivery. Soundscape productions and delivery require additional time which depends on length and complexity of compositions.

If you have any questions or would like more information about StarSongs or Soundscapes, please contact

"My StarSong is absolutely beautiful, truly, and deeply moving. I must tell you when I first heard the section of the group singing at the end I burst into tears, and even now it still moves me deeply. Thank you for sharing your gift of such beautiful music." --Janet C.
I think you have the voice of a soul from the angelic realm. I hear you like that when I listen to your music it is transforming, like meditation. Not many people have that in their voice when they sing. You do.
Jennifer C.
Oh, the music...your music is incredible. I get into a trance-like state listening to it. It is so effective, so nurturing, inspiring and I WANT MORE :)
Jane H.
I listened to your music and immediately fell into an altered state. I am just absolutely amazed at what it does to me!!!! And what it will do for the rest of the planet!!!
Marie C.
I loved your meditation music very much. I have been a fan for many years of Kitaro, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Klaus Schulze, Jonathan Goldman just to name a few. I would love to add your name to that list.
Michael B.
I meditated to "Calling" last night -- I love it! -- takes me into journey out into the universe. What a trip!
Lea G.
Loved your music!! Vocals are relaxing etheric, and earthy at the same time. Nice feel to the whole sound. Thank you for sharing.
Diana R.