I think you have the voice of a soul from the angelic realm. I hear you like that when I listen to your music it is transforming, like meditation. Not many people have that in their voice when they sing. You do.
Jennifer C.
Oh, the music...your music is incredible. I get into a trance-like state listening to it. It is so effective, so nurturing, inspiring and I WANT MORE :)
Jane H.
I listened to your music and immediately fell into an altered state. I am just absolutely amazed at what it does to me!!!! And what it will do for the rest of the planet!!!
Marie C.
I loved your meditation music very much. I have been a fan for many years of Kitaro, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Klaus Schulze, Jonathan Goldman just to name a few. I would love to add your name to that list.
Michael B.
I meditated to "Calling" last night -- I love it! -- takes me into journey out into the universe. What a trip!
Lea G.
Loved your music!! Vocals are relaxing etheric, and earthy at the same time. Nice feel to the whole sound. Thank you for sharing.
Diana R.

When instruments are in tune and playing together, the vibration is joyful, inspiring and energizing. Similarly, when we are off, out of tune or disconnected with the life force that vibrates around and through us, we struggle to come back into balance. We look for ways to harmonize so we can “sound true” again, aligned with the natural and nourishing flow of life energy.

Through music we can connect to all that IS, which is all that we are.

As a former director of Sound Healers of Washington, Danick knows the healing effects of music through singing and Toning; a meditative vocal practice using vowel sounds to develop awareness and enhance one’s life. Danick is a certified Energy Consultant of Australian teacher and author Eric Dowsett. She also has an extensive knowledge of Astrology and a life long fascination for the mystery of our connection to the Universe.
Danick's first series of compositions falls under Clear Musique; recordings created to enhance a state of deep peace and relaxation. Each piece, up to 80 minutes, is a perfect tool for hypnotherapy, yoga, guided-meditation, Reiki, stress reduction, mental focus, and more.

Clear Musique recordings can be downloaded for their intended use by individuals, spas, treatment and medical centers, stores, work places and homes.

Download Calling (22 minutes)

Download Be Guided (75 minutes)

The downloads available here as well as via cdBaby and Bandcamp are copyrighted materials for personal consumption only, and not intended for reproduction, commercial or derived use. For information about licensing use of Danick's works, please contact DanickMusic at bookings@danickmusic.com. All rights reserved.
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