Danick Jawer is a native of Grenoble, France, and a lifelong musician. She started classical guitar at age 7 and later fell in love with the saucy sounds and smooth vocals of bossa nova, jazz, and French pop. After many years of performing as a French Pop Artist, Danick's love of people and her fascination with music as vibration has lured her attentions to the art of healing through music.

StarSong for Alan O.

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Honor someone special
with a unique gift.
A StarSong is an
inspirational treasure
for birthdays, weddings,
anniversaries, celebrations
or transition times.
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to schedule a consultation.

I think you have the voice of a soul from the angelic realm. I hear you like that when I listen to your music it is transforming, like meditation. Not many people have that in their voice when they sing. You do.
Jennifer C.
Oh, the music...your music is incredible. I get into a trance-like state listening to it. It is so effective, so nurturing, inspiring and I WANT MORE :)
Jane H.
I listened to your music and immediately fell into an altered state. I am just absolutely amazed at what it does to me!!!! And what it will do for the rest of the planet!!!
Marie C.
I loved your meditation music very much. I have been a fan for many years of Kitaro, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Klaus Schulze, Jonathan Goldman just to name a few. I would love to add your name to that list.
Michael B.
I meditated to "Calling" last night -- I love it! -- takes me into journey out into the universe. What a trip!
Lea G.
Loved your music!! Vocals are relaxing etheric, and earthy at the same time. Nice feel to the whole sound. Thank you for sharing.
Diana R.